Auto move for my gravity runner

Hello all
I am making a runner game that uses @EgoMoose’s gravity controller(the new camera one). But I want to make the player automatically move in runner games. But I’ve tried methods on the devforum but don’t work because of the gravity controller. There has been a post about this but it was the other version. Here is the area that the player will be running on if that helps:


Just a thought irdk but setting the move vector

If you’re not using terrain in your game, switch to the Wall-Stick Controller. It’s more accurate and reliable with more functionality.
What you actually should do is just move the map instead of a player…? If it’s infinite gravity runner, you should instead:

1. Create map sequence using 5-10 random map pieces.
2. Position Player in the middle of map sequence.
3. Move map sequence instead of player.
4. When player reaches specific piece of a map sequence, destroy map piece behind him and place a new one at the end of the map sequence.
5. To achieve seamless effect, you could also play Running animation.
6. Preferably disable player controls to the front and back if you don’t want to face issues.

What you should know about both Wall-Stick and Gravity Controller is that Player will move along with the map no matter if you change it’s CFrame, Position or orientation. You’ll have to figure out how to avoid this happening. What you could do is create a piece of invisible map that always stays in the same spot, without holes and instead of holes you could use KillBricks.

P.S. Otherwise if you really really need to move player instead of the map, try to move player using:
Humanoid:Move() method: I assume it won’t work but could try
Add BodyVelocity or VectorForce and move player using those

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