Auto-reconnect to Team Create when disconnected [Beta]

Hello Developers,

Creators should be able to quickly get in and out of Studio. When coming back after a short break, this means jumping right back into action with zero friction. As part of this, we are releasing a new feature that automatically reconnects Team Create users — you will no longer be prompted with a dialog asking you to reconnect or close.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to File > Beta Features
  2. Check the box Reconnect automatically to Team Create
  3. Click Save
  4. Restart Studio

Reconnect automatically to your Team Create place to resume work

There are several ways creators may be disconnected from Studio. For instance, the network may temporarily go down, your computer may go to sleep, or you may move to a location with a different wifi. In these cases and others, you may lose your connection to a Team Create session. The new beta feature enables Studio to automatically reconnect when your computer reestablishes an internet connection.

Previously on Team Create disconnect, the dialog below would pop up, blocking you from immediately resuming work:

If multiple instances of Studio with Team Create places were open, this dialog would appear for each one. With the new Beta feature, you will no longer see this dialog. Instead, it will attempt to reconnect.

Note: Studio will attempt automatic reconnection to your Team Create place only if Studio was kept open. If Studio was shut down for any reason, you will see the Studio start page when you relaunch Studio.

If the initial reconnect attempt fails, Studio will continue to try reconnecting periodically. You can also manually click Reconnect between attempt intervals:

The new reconnection dialog also has a few UI improvements, showing:

  • The place name more prominently
  • More meaningful error messages

We are continuing to invest to make Team Create connections frictionless, fast, and reliable. We’d love any feedback or questions you have regarding this feature. Please comment below!

Many thanks to @collaborativecoder, @potatoprank, @OfcMeowMeowFuzzyFace, @yipiokay, @MoodyMandyMeow, @lovedanihonjin, @wingedbreadsticks, @DrowningSeagull, and @glueblue_1067 for their work on this feature!


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Thank you! It’s been a long time since I’ve had to frequently rejoin after I closed my laptop or maybe was away from the keyboard for a while. I expect this to be very helpful in the future!

On the other hand, this is quite the bandaid fix to a broader issue of why we get disconnected. Is there any reason particularly for this happening?


I love that Roblox is trying to improve Team Create. I’ve never had the best of luck with it, but it seems to have been getting better recently. I hope for some better scripting support though (being able to work on the same script at the same time?)


This just feels like duct-taping over a bug that has existed for a long time with Studio. Although the feature is appreciated, Roblox should also be looking into why people are often disconnected, seemingly at random. I sit in Studio for many hours at a time every day due to it being my job and am usually randomly disconnected at least once a day.

Also, the auto-reconnect is actually a nuisance when using Rojo, since you could be reconnected without knowing you had been disconnected and then wonder why your code isn’t updating after you save your changes in VSCode, although this will obviously only affect those who use it.


Please make sure it only tries to reconnect when the window is focused; it sometimes disconnects when my laptop is shut, but that doesn’t mean I always want it on. Essentially, show the old prompt if the user isn’t actively working on the place (and hasn’t been for the past 5 minutes, around?)


Most laptops automatically disconnect from the internet when closed, and reconnect when reopened. There’s a power setting that you can change that determines what your laptop does when closed (sleep/hibernate, shut down or nothing).
You can always just close Studio if you aren’t using your laptop?


I know about that aspect, but what I’m talking about is sometimes I want to keep studio open but not use it at the moment, especially when I used to have an older computer where opening Studio was slow. It may also help network costs, but what I’m essentially saying is “don’t reconnect if the user is idle”.


Yes! This is a brilliant time saver. I use Team Create on all projects including solo ones, so with the disconnects the time savings could add up to hours very fast :slight_smile:


This is a small but good update. With team create being a major part of my daily development, it’s good to see improvements made to it. Very much appreciated.


Decent feature for once from roblox?


To me this is a huge quality of life improvement. So thank you. However note that the script recovery window popup issue is still around, is very frustrating.

Now, let’s do some Shakespeare:

A feature new, Roblox in beta shows,
To mend team create’s disconnected woes.
Automatically, it will restore,
Our unity in gaming evermore.
Though tested still, it holds a promise true,
For future bright, in Roblox’s creative view.


Your device automatically turns off inbound & outbound network requests when they aren’t needed (like when you shut your laptop and it goes to sleep), therefore studio can’t communicate with the servers and you get disconnected.

Rojo only uses local place files, meaning it won’t be affected by this change whatsoever

No. Each time you open a place in Studio you have to open the Rojo plugin widget in order to connect to it… if you get disconnected, you will then have to connect to Rojo again after re-connecting.

Local place files don’t need to connect to a server. Meaning, it wont ever be disconnected from a server.

If you didn’t notice, this topic is talking about auto-reconnecting after being disconnected from the server for a place. The place being a local file is not relevant.

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why does it disconnect tho lol. it disconnects because team create needs a server, and it connects to the team create server. rojo doesn’t use team create

Rojo has a connect button that you have to use each time you open a place, Rojo’s connection is automatically severed if you exit the place, the same applies to being disconnected since that forces you to exit the place too

Except that doesn’t trigger this new popup, so that isn’t relevant. Bring that up as an issue for Rojo.

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…it has nothing to do with the new disconnection popup itself. The problem is the auto-reconnect

In other terms you could be disconnected and then automatically re-connected without knowing it, and you would then need to re-connect to your Rojo. There’s little that can be done about it and I was just bringing it up because it is still an inconvenience.

Even prior to this change you still have to re-connect to Rojo after re-connecting, the issue here is that you won’t know to re-connect to it, since you were automatically re-connected to the place.