Auto renew user ads/sponsorships

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to run a prolonged advertising campaign on the website

If Roblox is able to address your issue, it improve your game and/or your development experience by:

  • Making it where I don’t have to remember to run an ad everyday when I could instead just select a price to run it for a select period of time (taking R$ every day until the selected period is over or you are unable to pay)
  • Making it easier to run ads repetitively. Yesterday I stayed up until 4 AM, and ran an ad right before I went to bed. I would like to run it again with no gap of time, but that would require me to stay up until 4 AM every night I want my ad campaign to continue. That’s pretty annoying.

I know that running the same ad over and over is not a good idea because users will get tired of it, but if I want to run an ad for 3,7,10… etc. days, this would make things a lot simpler. This was just an idea I thought of mostly because I don’t want to stay up late tonight, but I want to keep advertising. I suppose I could also make multiple versions of the same ad to run at different times, but that isn’t a very clean solution.

I used the word ad throughout the post but this also could apply to platform specific sponsorships.


Roblox advertising has many other issues that need addressed as well. In addition to your suggestions, it would be great to have analytics on the number of conversions (people that bought an item, joined a group, played a game, ect.). Many users will happily spend tons of Robux running a high CTR click-bait ad without realized it isn’t leading to meaningful user conversions.


Why not run at a more reasonable time, say 9:30PM when you’d be going to bed?

@TheNickmaster21 That’s called bounce rate and omgggg pleaseeeee add that Roblox! There is way to derive the effectiveness of thumbnails accurately without it and its just speculation as to what works. A total overhaul to the analytics for ads is probably needed, and probably needs a separate thread.

Bounce rate and conversion rate are not the same thing. Here’s an quick explanation:

Roblox advertising is a little different than traditional internet advertising but the difference is still significant. Knowing how many users purchase your product when clicking on your ad is different than the number of users that leave the page after a short time.

But yes, I agree there needs to be a significant overhaul.

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