Auto Save Deleted When Save Fails


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In long-running Studio sessions, Studio eventually stops auto-saving without warning.

This bug happens every time I have a long-running Studio session in a place with high memory use. I’m not sure exactly when this started happening. This is happening in a non-Team Create place.

I’m not sure if this is happening because Roblox encounters an error when auto-saving (due to high RAM use?) or if it’s because Roblox thinks that the game hasn’t changed since the last auto-save. When this happens, I am still able to undo/redo, so Roblox is logging changes.

This bug alone is not great, but it’s made worse when combined with another bug: “bad allocation”. The typical way this works out is:

  1. Studio session runs for many hours with many tests
  2. Auto-saving stops, without warning
  3. A few hours pass with no erroneous behavior
  4. Testing, saving, and publishing throws “bad allocation” or fails in general.
  5. I close Studio
  6. I check my AutoSaves folder, and the last auto-save was hours ago, but still from the same session.
  7. Since I’m not able to save or publish the game, and since there have been no auto-saves for the past few hours, I’ve just lost hours of work.

Auto-saves are supposed to be the backup for when Studio crashes or other bugs make it impossible to save work – such as “bad allocation”. Auto-saves aren’t doing this now, which defeats their whole purpose.

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I’ve had similar issues. I recently live streamed about 2 hours of work, with autosave supposedly doing it’s thing every 10 minutes or so. I then get bad allocation and failed save and failed publish, and then Roblox crashes altogether “Roblox needs to quit”.

Checked the autosave folder, and the last save was from 3 hours earlier, before all the work. Ruined the livestream a bit and meant I had to redo it all.

The annoying part is that the output window says “Auto-saved [insert name] successfully”. Why say that if it hasn’t actually saved.


I agree that this bug should be fixed, but man, you guys should never solely rely on autosave to save your progress. This applies to everything, even things outside Roblox. Save save save!


I usually save after major changes or milestones. Manually saving after every minor change should not be the expected user behavior. It’s not a bad habit, though, as it does help in situations like this!

I got out of that habit because Roblox gained better auto-save behavior, and because I’ve spent the last year working in Team Create places. Looks like I have to get back into it for a while!


Well that’s what I meant. It’d be weird if somebody saved too often… But I figured since you guys were losing hours of work you might want to save at least every few minites.

I too have put off saving many times only to regret it later. Even if the bug gets fixed, it’s dangerous to rely on autosaves except as a last resort. Frequently saving manually will help anyone who runs into such frustrating issues in the future.


New finding:

The failed attempt to save seems to mark the game as “saved” when it’s really not. Because of this, the auto save is deleted when Roblox is closed.

I checked the AutoSaves folder before closing to see if there was an auto-save: there was! Then I closed Studio and watched the auto-save disappear from right in front of my eyes.


I’ve experienced this too. Been experiencing a thing where Roblox Studio “hiccups” when I try to publish and it eventually just hangs forever. Worst thing is autosave is not there for some reason if I try to open a new Studio instance.


I just had the same issue almost causing me to lose hours of work. I published a place over a team create, which then deleted the autosave (I’m assuming, since there was no autosave there), BUT then the team create failed to actually update to the new place. The only way it was salvaged was by going into the TC place history and “reverting” it to the most recent published state.


Can you check you Studio version? Is it 32 or 64 bit? You can see this by going to File->About Roblox Studio.


It’s 32bit:

This computer is 64bit:

Is there a 64bit version of Studio out in production now?


There are two issues you are encountering here…

  1. You are hitting memory usage limits. This will be fixed when we release the 64-bit version at the end of March.

  2. We are not handling the save failure gracefully. We will look into this further.

Thanks for the report.


Not sure if this is related, but I clicked ‘Ignore’ on the Autosave prompt, realized team create had indeed failed to save, restarted studio… aaaannnnnd they’re gone. Autosaves folder is empty.


I see where your getting at, but aren’t autosaves technically supposed to stop such issues from happening? I mean isn’t that their purpose, to save incase you forget to or are too engaged with your development? I occasionally forget, however my autosaves seem to save regularly.

I’d preferably like to see a feature that replaces/overwrites that same autosaves the file that Studio saved from the same game/place last time, and upload that to the cloud before overwriting, so that developers computers don’t get filled up with outdated files.


No. They’re supposed to help recover some/most of your lost data. They certainly aren’t a see-all end all kind of thing.

They’re still a very useful tool, and I agree they need to be improved, but never solely rely on autosaves.