Auto-translating UI?

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I’m well aware of ROBLOX’s LocalizationService being able to auto-translate in-game strings into the player’s preferred language, but how would I go about this with a UI?

To clarify, I’d like the player to be able to select a language from a list and an entire UI will auto-translate to that language. Would I use HTTPS Service to access a third-party translation service, use ROBLOX’s built-in translation, or a custom script?

This sounds simple, but all I’ve found is LocalizationService. If anyone has any tips, that would be appreciated!

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I would say the best course of action is probably for the Roblox user to have their language set in Roblox settings instead of building your own system

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Wouldn’t ui automatically run through Roblox translation? (If you go in the Localizations menu in under your game)

This would be a rather niche case, as I do plan to give this to some other people and can’t bother to ask every one of them to use LocalizationService. Plus, I may not want other UI elements or strings to be translated.

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I believe you choose the strings to translate

Not quite familiar with LocalizationService, so the help’s appreciated. Would I able to pick any language to translate into, not just the language the player has set in their settings?

The player would pick their language in Roblox settings, the translator could translate it into any language though I would have to assume. Auto translate is only available I BELIEVE for Spanish. However I am not too familiar as I haven’t used the tool for any project personally

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Figured it out myself with a little deeper digging in the dev documentation here.

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