Auto update feature, don't know where to start

hey there,
I’m trying to make a simulator game, and I wanted to make an auto update feature, where a gui pops up, and the game automatically adds any changes made to the game. but I have no idea where to start or how its going to work, I have a bit of a reference of how I want to work


thanks in advance

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Servers will have to be shut down to accomplish this. You can check when a game is going to close with game:BindToClose(). When this fires, use a remote event to show a GUI to all players in the server to inform them to rejoin after the update.

Sounds like the soft shutdown script by Merely is what you’re looking for.

This will achieve a similar thing to the video by creating a temporary server to teleport people to, shutting down the old server, and then teleporting people back into a new server.