When you guys updated the Animate script inside player’s character, did you guys intentionally make AutoColorCharacters property under teams obsolete? I would like players in my work at a pizza place game to play the game with their default body colors.

I’m also having problems replacing the Animate script with a custom one to disable the team color feature. I can destroy the default Animate script but as soon as I replace the script with the custom one, the default Animate script reappears under the character model again and the custom script is nowhere to be found. I was able to replace the Animate script successfully in the past so I assume this is a bug.

I’ve been able to replace the animate script, I will double check to see if it still replaces though.

It’s most likely just me. If Animate could not be replace there would be reports everywhere.

Just use the classic animation script. I don’t like how fast the player walks with the new one so that’s what I use.

Use this:

	if character ~= nil then
	if character:findFirstChild("Animate") ~= nil then
	character:findFirstChild("Animate").Disabled = true
	animate = script.Animate:clone()
	animate.Parent = character

So I moved my code out of ServerScriptService and now its works. Anyone know why?

Anything show in output? Or is it localscript?

Nope, no output and no local scripts.