Autocomplete changes its mind for overloaded methods

Something funky is happening with the intellisense. Creating an item that has overloaded methods will prompt for one implementation, but as soon as the method starts to be typed out, the displayed parameters change. For instance, in the following videos, notice the switch between NextInteger(max) / NextInteger(min,max) and new(table) / new(number):

Expected behavior is that autocomplete doesn’t whimsically switch method implementations as I type out the same method. I would normally expect that all versions of the method show up in AutoComplete, and I can select whichever one I need. That is to say, there would be two NextInteger entries for Random, and two new entries for NumberSequence.

This happens 100% of the time on production, and is not game-specific. I assume this has been an issue since autocomplete was introduced.

Approved bug report for @General_Scripter


Added to the bug list.