Autocomplete for Studio Marketplace

the create page and library look outdated though. Do you have any plans on updating their look?

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You’re referring to Or the old create page on the main site? Though the library has yet to be integrated into the newer create page.

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this Create - Roblox and that Roblox

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Just a side note, do you get custom commissioned asset packs or something? I use asset packs from the marketplace all the time, as I have no robux to pay for commissioned assets and no modeling/building skills to make them. My only option is the marketplace asset/mesh packs. I believe this is what @M_caw is referring to as well.


I have my partner who if he delivers something to me and doesn’t put it in place himself, I receive a zipped file containing the assets. Typically it would be UI assets, but then obj meshes we purchase from the internet are also put in using file explorer.

Marketplace quite literally never serves me. I use it very rarely for some modules or if I just want to check out some community tutorial asset, in which case I “get” the asset and it’s placed in that section for me to just put in easily.

Great addition, Maybe something like this could be done in Avatar Shop too?


Would be helpful when it actually finds the models your looking for in your inventory.

You must care about the update in some form, otherwise you wouldn’t be talking about it still. If this update doesn’t benefit you in any way, then don’t worry about it. This is simply a QoL update that is meant to help developers find things a bit more easily.

I mean if you made Models or Meshes or are looking for a decal its quite helpful

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It might not have fully rolled out to everyone on the web yet (Just a guess)

spoiler alert: the toolbox exists for a reason

I don’t use it either but it’s not right to shame people who do

YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS the fine people at Roblox have done it finally

How did we get to shaming or is this your assumption? I quite literally encourage people who want to learn to use the toolbox and that’s why I gave suggestions for it.

The idea that every point that even negatively showcases toolbox doesn’t seem right to me.

You obviously think you have some superiority because you called out someone because they asked a question based on a feature you don’t use which means you think you represent the entire building community. Also it doesn’t take a genius to tell what point you were trying to get across based on the language you used and the context.

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Things are going one at a time. Be patient. And maybe they have had this update for a while, and have just rolled it out now? ROBLOX has so many projects, plus millions of demanding users. And maybe we just misunderstood, but to me it sounded a lot like shaming. Please just correct us and don’t turn this into a battle.

I fail to understand how me giving suggestions that would have me and many others probably use the feature has anything to do with superiority, shaming and anything of that kind. I’ve never once tried to say I represent the building community or any community for that matter and it looks like you’re trying to put words into my mouth to prove something that really doesn’t exist.

If you think you’re actually superior in the level where you can put me down for thinking roblox could prioritise other updates, you’re free to take it in my PMs and we can discuss that further, otherwise I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

There’s no shaming involved in using data and general development knowledge to assume he isn’t sitting at the search bar 24/7, I could be wrong, perhaps he’s using it as a notebook and autocomplete would be able to fill their sentences.

But who are we kidding? Searching is the absolute minimal part of using any sort of catalog, Roblox or not. It’s all about getting the results, which is why in that exact same post I suggested ideas that perhaps actually would help people yield better results.

EDIT: Earthyviking92 actually has reached out to me in a civil way on DMs and I’m glad to be solving this in private matters as we’re all developers who at the end of the day want the better for this site.

This feature is very helpful. Thank you!

Here’s a point I haven’t seen you considering: How many people do you think misspell their searches and think that there’s nothing to find as a result? It’s probably a lot more than you think, and autocomplete / better raw search fidelity is a huge benefit even just in helping solve that issue.

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Good point, but if I recall; RDC 2019s main goal was that no country should be responsible for at least 50% of all games.

That promise hasn’t been filled, search was and could’ve been essential to helping to contribute to that promise.

I’m not saying this is a bad update, just feels weird to put it in at this time when catalog doesn’t even at this point of time support localisation when Spanish and Portuguese are two examples of languages that are huge, even inside Roblox.

What happens when localisation actually is implemented, if it ever is? Will then updates such as this be forced to adjust?

TLDR; I think core focuses are better than QOL adjustments as those have to be remade when core parts are changed.