Autocomplete for Studio Marketplace

Hey developers!

We’re (auto) completely psyched to announce a new feature for Marketplace Search… Autocomplete! We hope this will allow you to get to the content you need with more speed and efficiency.

You will be able to access Autocomplete on both the web library ( and Marketplace in the Studio Toolbox! All asset types will have autocomplete available.

autocomplete 1

autocomplete 2

A big shoutout to the team that made it happen — @QuantumOrbital @applepinecake @MoonRocketApollo @4thchamber @eaganlyx @NoAlias @lee_knowsu @ansas_chicken @kax_il1

If you have any feedback or concerns, let us know!


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This will make searching for things so much easier! When will this be rolled out if it is not already?


Nice feature, but didn’t this roll out a while ago?


It was a beta feature, I believe. You could enable it from the Beta Features tab before it was released now.


This is awesome but when will the autocomplete for the homepage, discover page and this roll out to everyone?

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I don’t seem to see autocomplete when I am on the browser (Edge, Chrome). Is there some sort of thing I need to do to get autocomplete?


How often are you really searching that Marketplace? I quite literally never use it.


Just curious, where do these search terms come from, are they generated automatically? If a new trend or game comes up, will the autocomplete suggest terms for new things that didn’t exist before, E.g. “Piggy” or “Granny”, or “Squid games”. Curious how intelligent this is.


Unfortunately you do not individually encompass and solely represent the developer community. There are developers, like myself, who:

  1. Use plugins
  2. Do not have the funds to/cannot upload audio
  3. Are looking for skyboxes
  4. Need asset packs (meshes, textures)
  5. Want to utilize videos

The list goes on. This is helpful for me, even if it is not helpful for you.


I do all 5 and except audio still don’t use the marketplace, I’m failing to see how these are related as asset packs are usually delivered through file.

Skyboxes sure, but if you search skyboxes so much that it actually covers that much of your time autocomplete starts to cut down on your time, I’m worried.

This is a small QOL update at best, a update that hindered actually useful updates and time at worst. There’s a 100 different updates that could be made for Marketplace that actually provides real incentive and the fact you decided to defend autocomplete and not recognise that, is something I disagree with.

My post below gives very real and good examples for even just Marketplace search itself.


I can even think about way more important updates that can actually be made for quite literally search such as

  • The ability to receive the same results if you type in another language as there’s millions of Spanish and Portuguese speakers

  • The long time missing feature for a type of sub-category system

I really don’t know who we’re kidding to actually sit here and say that this was so important it helps you, when similiar updates can be made to actually help people, yet those are ignored.


Because it is small, it won’t take much time off of “actually useful” updates. Should browsers/search engines stop suggesting search queries based on what you type, then? It’s a pretty painful experience to have to write things out entirely. Waste of time and more prone to misspellings.

So make/support feature requests with strong use cases! Roblox engineers won’t know what is wanted without feedback.

Also do keep in mind that your priority list is not the same as everyone else’s, let alone that of Roblox engineers.

To say that “important updates” are “ignored” is in itself quite ignorant – prioritization exists, and if it’s that urgent then Roblox will give it a higher priority. And once more, you as an individual cannot speak on behalf of the entire community. I am primarily a programmer, and therefore may use the marketplace to find models, 2D art, etc.

It’s a simple QOL update, as you said. It’s not the end of the world that this was added, but at this point complaining just for the sake of complaining isn’t even a surprise to me anymore.


I find it ironic that you managed to include that I in no way represent the community in any scale but that I should also create these feature requests.

The fact stands that this is a QOL update, but so is also Marketplace working in other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, German etc) and yet that could actually help millions of people while autocomplete really doesn’t even come close to that.

I’m glad you willing to share with me the very fact Roblox has a priority list and it’s nearly as if my comments were directed to that in the first place.

You say that I’m complaining for the sake of complaining (When I give ideas that quite literally would help people, you speak Spanish so you know how a lot of Spanish speakers can struggle with English), perhaps that’s exactly the sort of mindset that disincentives important discussion that leads to bad priorities in the first place.

I don’t know about you but raising a fuss about autocomplete seems like an unnecessary hill to die on. A good majority of the developer community is English speaking and so are the assets uploaded to the site. Localisation updates will come in time, have some patience. It’s no different to have it now than it is to have it later and you don’t know what technical limitations may be blocking those updates, if any.

You should tone it down. Some Roblox updates or priorities might seem out of place to us as developers but we lack the internal insight to have good discretion on why things are the way they are. It’s a small QoL update and I’m sure a lot of novice developers or users of the toolbox appreciate the tooling. If you don’t, that’s fine, it doesn’t affect you unlike how another update might.


Oh, this will be helpful when searching for stuff. this is going to make searching so much easier for me!

When you create a feature request is is generally because you need it, but the part of the community that also needs it can add on. Then, you don’t post just for yourself, but that part of the community as well.

I never claimed that they didn’t have trouble, or that I was otherwise against better accessibility because of the priority list, it’s something I see and help people with everyday, please do not put words into my mouth.

I’m really not interested in debating over such a small feature that is almost impossible to complain about, yet somehow here we are. However if we as developers aren’t supporting the “more important” features, Roblox won’t know what is higher in demand. I am also not interested in speculating about whatever Roblox’s priority list is, just that it exists and that Roblox may have other plans as well, and not everything can be decided based on community consensus. Just how things work.


Hey um, is the API for this supposed to limit autocomplete queries, or, is it okay that you can ask it for 1000+ autocomplete entries all at once?

Either way, I’m excited about this :smile:

Great update! I can’t wait to use it. If needed.



Now all we need is a genre filter