Autocomplete giving only 1 suggestion regardless of similar words

hello so i got this issue that started literally 30 mins ago basically autocomplete is only showing 1 suggestion per line like this:

its clearly supposed to list variable1 and variable2 and im supposed to be able to go up/down with arrows to select and not this:

its also supposed to list findfirstancestor, findfirstchildofclass like 30 mins ago but no ig
things i tried to fix:
restart studio
restart computer
make a new script

none of those worked heres my settings

im certain i tried to disable all of them and enable but just cant seem to fix this its very annoying any help is appreciated thx


A new ‚ÄúAutocomplete‚ÄĚ update has been released 40 min ago, that‚Äôs maybe why it happen.

You should report it in #bug-reports


you can scroll actually but u can only see one at a time this is equally as bad though? what the hell

There‚Äôs ‚ÄėEnableAutocomplete‚Äô and also ‚ÄėEnableOnTypeAutocomplete‚Äô. Make sure they‚Äôre both set to true.
Just as a reference…

no access to post there (wwwwwww)

you can see in the settings image they are both turned on

Experiencing the same problem here, suddenly just started showing only one suggestion. I can scroll through but it never shows more than one line at a time

Edit: I found out the solution - you can actually move your mouse to the edge of the ‚Äėautocomplete window‚Äô and click&drag to expand it. I am now able to see the full list easily!


you are a LIFE SAVIOUR!!! thanks

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