Autocomplete shows text-formatting tags in tooltips


So I was coding and I decided to use math.clamp() for a variable of mine.
And well…

Im pretty sure its not supposed to show the bold tags.

"<" and ">" display incorrectly in Intellisense suggestions

Someone on the DevForum discord posted this a day or two ago:

There was also a thread a while ago about raw html being taken from the TC widget search box and used in errors:

The solution to this thread’s problem seems to have pushed long ago. Maybe a second change of the same nature broke studio’s xml interpretation?


Are you using any fonts different than the default? I can’t repro with the default settings but I can with using a custom font, the Fira Code font.


Im only using the default font.
I did change font color though.


When in studio and typing math.sign, studio’s autocorrect brings up a list of suggestions of functions I’m trying to type. In the description box for math.sign, the less than and greater than signs appear as if they were typed to be encoded, but never were. (notice the red underlined portions)


The actual documentation as shown on the developer hub shows the less than and greater than signs correctly.


This happens every time I try it on production studio. It’s the first time I’ve used this function so I don’t know how long this problem has been here.


I just now replicated this, the only issue I could see outside of it being a bug would be incorrect documentation within the developer hub.