Autocompletion results do not show when using self functions

The autocomplete menu does not show when using : to call functions from a module even when the functions exist & require self.


local Solar = {}

function Solar:GetService(Service: "CommandService" | "PluginService" | "ThemeService" | "AutocompleteService" | "NotificationService")
--// code here

return Solar

Autocompletion for .

Autocompletion for :

However it still works if you type it out manually:

And when you use . it shows the self argument:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Make a module script with a self function
  • Require the module script in another script
  • Attempt to view the autocompletion of the module script when typing module:

OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad
Studio Version: 0.531.0.5310423


Thank you for the report, the correct call with ‘:’ will now show suggestions like it did before.


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