Autofill/Intellisense shouldn't behave when typing on a comment line

With the release of new syntax/functions of the Script Editor update, I’ve had such a fine and fun experience with different syntax’ed themes and functions whenever scripting inside Roblox Studio but I had one problem with this: Intellisense behaving whenever typing on a commented script line of any script.

In the intellisense when typing on comments, it auto-corrects itself every time you type down some letters that coordinate with a certain function and statement.

This has started on October 9th, 2020 on the release of this new update and script(s) but didn’t notice to care until yesterday and some description/detail of the bug is the autofill function UX design appearing whenever typing on a comment.


How to reproduce:

  • First, get a Script / LocalScript and create a command line.
  • Second, type in any keyword or function like math. or function into it.
  • Result: It should give you the closest function with the selected letters.

Studio Version: 0.451.0.412446 (64-bit) as of 10/11/2020.

Before this update, you couldn’t have the intellisense sense out some letters whenever typing in the comments and that made my experience much smoother and until now, it somewhat bothers me due to me accidentally pressing one of these autofill options or not.

This can’t be intentional in some-ways as before this update, comment(s) can’t show off an intellisense in certain situations and would not bother my screen so much or enter a mistaken function in the -- / comment line; if so, probably make a feature request if possible.


Thank you for bringing this up @loueque, we’ll look into it!