"AutoImageButtonColor" for ImageButtons

Ok so we all know that AutoButtonColor technically does work for ImageButtons but not in the way that most people would expect it to. Any developer that looks at this property for the first time would automatically assume that AutoButtonColor also applies to the actual use case of an ImageButton, the Image texture itself…
But of course that is not the case. Again, It technically does what its supposed to and changes the BackgroundColor of the button but this behavior does not make sense for an ImageButton. Of course, changing the behavior of AutoButtonColor to affect the ImageButton’s texture itself may not be a clean solution since there may be a few people that prefer the BackgroundColor changing with the image itself unaffected, so introducing a new property type “AutoImageButtonColor” for ImageButtons would probably make the most sense.

A feature like this is beneficial for obvious reasons. This would avoid confusion with AutoButtonColor behaving in unexpectedly expected ways, it would save people from making a ton of redundant code to achieve the same effect as normal buttons, it would avoid issues where an interaction with a button might change the images color so you need to somehow adapt your button hover code to account for that, and just generally makes ImageButtons easier to use especailly for novice developers.