Automatic Cursor Changer

I made a simple python script that will automatically change the roblox cursors to whatever you want whenever you run it for your pc for both studio and roblox player. I have 4 presets right now. I might make it so you could add your own presets.
I shouldn’t need to say this, but in order to use this, you do need to have python installed and how to execute a python script.
Sadly, this is only compatible with windows. MacOS support is a planned feature.
As many people wanted, I moved it to github. Here’s the link:
RealZ9R/RobloxAutoCursorChanger: (


you might wanna open-source the code on GitHub or something, and maybe add some images too

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Definitely. I’ll give this a shot. Like where should I add the images/what kind of images should I use.

Why would you use Python for this?

Probably because they know how to do it in Python.

I mean, why not just drag images into the assets directory manually? You could just make a shortcut to it and it would be super easy.

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Can you please upload your code somewhere publicly-viewable like GitHub so people can actually audit your code? A zip file is extremely sketchy.

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Done! I moved it to github. Sorry for using the zip file.

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maybe you can add an image of what the cursors look like, or snippets of code with labels that indicate what it does

Wow! That was an idea I had certainly not thought . For anyone interested this is my approach for making something like this in C#:

alphabot22/Automatic-Roblox-Cursor-Change: (