Automatic scrolling frame GUI

Hey Developers!

I’ve been having trouble trying to make a frame that scrolls automatically. I already have checked the Devforum and Youtube, and none of them match what I’m looking for. For quality of life, I have included a video of what I’m trying to replicate here, as there are numerous topics like this one with similar names. This should be simple.

Scrolling frame GUI (explorer)

GUI in game

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I’m not sure if you can do this with a scrollingframe, but you could probably make a gui that you move up instead
For example:

for i in numberrange(10)
    game.Players.Playergui.Screengui.Yourgui.Position.Y = game.Players.Playergui.Screengui.Yourgui.Position.Y + 10

I was thinking of this earlier, it could be a possiblity, and I could 100% do this. But since I already made the post, I’ll wait for more answers and then use the best one

why don’t just use a frame add text in and tween frame on top

What? Thats a bit vague. I’m new to scripting too, sorry.

Looks like when I put up a scrolling frame, run the game in the studio, move the scroller while watching the scroller in the properties menu … I see the CanvasSize changes …

sorry, i have difficult to speak

you can add a UIListLayout UIListLayout

and set the ScrollBar AutomaticCanvasSize = Y
sizeConstraint = RelativeYY
, ScrollBarThickness = 0
, ScrollingEnabled = false

Use TweenService

exemple of the idea :

local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")


script.Parent.CanvasPosition =,0)

TweenService:Create(script.Parent,,Enum.EasingStyle.Quint,Enum.EasingDirection.InOut),{CanvasPosition =,2500)}):Play()

Sorry for song in background of the video:

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i forget to say but the number 2500 you need to edit until is work with your scrolling frame size, i don’t know how to calcul for get CanvasPosition max size

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Thank you! The Solution worked.