Automatic Size Beta breaks setting UDim2 in studio

This beta feature does not currently allow me to resize UI by setting the Size to a UDim2, this breaks bars like my health bar & mana bar in my game.


What happens is that bar does not move at all. Disabling this feature fixes the issue.


Hi @Mullets_Gavin - if you want explicit control over the element’s Size property, then Automatic Size should probably be disabled (set to None). Automatic Size will always try to size the element to fill the available space.

Please reply back with more details if there’s a specific reason why you want to use Automatic Size for this case.

Thanks for trying out the beta and for your feedback!


Hi! This is not enabled for any element. This is ONLY enabled for the beta, this issue also occurred to some other teams in Accelerator.

AFAIK, this only occurs in studio.


Hi @Mullets_Gavin - to clarify, are you saying that you don’t have the Automatic Size property set for any element in your GUI, but opting-in to the Automatic Size beta caused this issue?

Also would you be able to share a roblox place file that reproduces the problem?

Thanks again!


This issue has been resolved since update 452.

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Thanks for following up on this, @Mullets_Gavin!