Automatic sizing problem

I want the box frames to remain consistent (y axis) when you zoom in and out
When you zoom in and out the automatic sizing deletes some frames
I want to achieve something similar to the left
text.rbxl (39.0 KB)


Here try this file… I removed your CellPadding Offset and now it shows the intended behavior:

text.rbxl (39.0 KB)


Sorry for the late reply…

That did fix the sizing issue, however is there any way to expand the outside layer to fit the amount inside the grid? I believe the automatic size function failed to do its part.

If no solution, that’s fine I would have to add a fix rough estimate of the background size

What is the outside layer? Inside the grid i see 7 boxes.

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Heres what I have so far
text.rbxl (39.0 KB)
The outside layer is the white background. If I add one more frame here, it becomes invisible for some reason

When i add another frame it just adds it to the last row… lemme add a picture

Also the file u sent me is not the one i posted… it still had the cell padding offset in it… remove this and it fixes your problem.

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text.rbxl (38.4 KB)
SORRY wrong file lol

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Let me try, one second please.

Edit: ok try this file… i just lower the Cell Size Scale to 0.2 and it will fit much more Frames:

text-3.rbxl (38.4 KB)

You can also use Scrolling Frames to adjust for frames that are added if you don’t want the size of the billboard gui to change.


Hmm this seems like automatic sizing bug. Thank you so much for the help

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