Automatic sizing textlabel in a scrolling frame

So the thing is, i’m trying to make a recent updates section type of menu. I need to make my textlabel only expand depending on the text. Seems like it’s working with AutomaticSize Y but its size only limited to TextSize. How can i make this text so i can keep adding new texts to it with all of them is scrollable?

If you need a reference of what i want, just use reply section. When you keep adding new texts, it gets bigger to the bottom and you can scroll on it. We can achieve that by using scrolling frame but i want the text size to stay the same at all time and if i just disable TextScaled, its not expanding at some point. :confused:

I would be really glad if someone is able to help me.



If you mean by increasing the canvas size automatically depending of the contents, you can set the ScrollingFrame.AutomaticCanvasSize to Enum.AutomaticSize.Y.
Just keep in mind that ScrollingFrame.CanvasSize will act as the minimum canvas size, so set it to {0,0} , {0,0} if you want to avoid the scrollbar to show up out of nowhere.


Thanks for your time but unfortunately that isn’t the problem, with this video i hope you’ll understand it more. Automatic sizing actually works but when i try to add lots of texts, it doesn’t allow me. It only shows a little part of it. How can i fix it? How can i make it like the reply section scrolling as i referenced it?


Ohh, you mean that the text is being cropped off…
It appears that the TextWrapped property is causing it to crop out the remaining text, but enabling RichText solves the issue if you want to keep the text wrapping on.


Oh, how could i forget that!? You’re right, it works like a charm now. Thanks for your help. :smile:


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