Automatic Street Generation

I’m actively working on a project which has over 65 unique maps! As such, a handful of these are cities! I have a have a group of builders, but progress still remains relatively slow. So I asked myself- ‘what can speed this up’; in which I decided I could make a plugin to help them out!

So, what is the plugin? It automatically generates city streets, based on numerous settings that I provide it.

Streets will have the following!

  • Unique Foilage
  • Proper Roads
  • Properly Fit Buildings
  • Unique Props
  • Rope & Clothing Lines
  • Road Thickness
  • Elevation

Awesome Path Creations

Here are some screenshots of the settings below!

Here are some pictures of streets, using nothing but the plugin!

Elevation is supported!

Video of Usage!


Amazing, is there a way to add different textures and remove buildings, if you haven’t made it already?

Wow. This is probably the most useful plugin I have seen yet. Building curved streets/paths with buildings can be a very tedious thing to do. Great work!

Also, are there any plans to release this plugin to the public?

Right now they’re just folders that the plugin grabs. I might add a means to save the buildings themselves inside of the interface, but I haven’t had a necessity in doing so yet. For now it’s just meant for my team & the prefabs we have made already.

@Ethanthegrand14 I may make it public in a little bit, there isn’t any real good way to save models so you can add and use your own, except using something like ServerStorage, which is my main concern with publishing it. Plus the setup is somewhat tedious.

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Added sidewalk options, alongside with more building prefabs. This is a step closer to making it public!

Also added some neat flags for the ropes, which are randomly cyclic colored.

Furthermore, added more foundational support; so some foundations will have railings if the elevation is too steep.

Release this alreadyyyyyy i wanna use it

This is amazing, I can’t wait to see it.

dude this is so useful, it should be built-in in studio