Automatic Text Capture causing freezing for Mac/iOS users

In the past week Vesteria Mac users have been reporting issues with teleporting into the game as well as freeing issues.

Edit: we have determined the issue to be caused by Automatic Text Capture:

Reports vary from Mac users being unable to get past the main menu to experiencing freezing/crashing while playing the game. They report that these issues prevent them from playing the game and that it does not affect them in other games.

While we were not able to reproduce the crashing at the main menu on our Macbook Pro, we were able to reproduce the following issue:

  1. Able to load in a save slot with no issue, the initial map loads in fine

  2. Upon trying to go to a connecting map or use a rune, the player is hit with a several minute long frozen screen as soon as the map loads. Eventually this frozen screen disappears and the player spawns in to the map as normal.

  3. Upon dying the player is hit with the same several minute long frozen screen, eventually spawning after the time has passed.

Unfortunately OS data is not something that we have access to so we are not able to investigate or experiment on our own as to what is causing these issues.


I know this doesn’t solve the problem where we still still can’t detect OS, but after doing some digging there should be some ways to prompt a user to check for MacOS? Not sure if these work since I don’t have a Mac and these are 1000% not viable for a game like Vesteria but they seem to be the only way to check if a user is on MacOS.

Not 100% sure but I don’t think Mac has a ScrollLock key but rather a shortcut using the FN keys, so this may be a way to detect if a user is NOT on MacOS

	if(input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.ScrollLock)then
		print("User is NOT on MAC OS")

There seems to be a bug with the Mac Menu button? This isn’t a very good method either since the bug could be fixed at any time if it isn’t already (Mac only bug - Invalid value for enum KeyCode)

game:GetService("LogService").MessageOut:Connect(function(message, messageType)
	if(messageType == Enum.MessageType.MessageError)then
		if(string.find(string.lower(message), "invalid value for enum keycode"))then
			print("User is on MAC OS")
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Looks like there are also freezing issues for iOS users. Perhaps an issue with Metal?

Someone here was briefly able to reproduce this, but it hasn’t been happening for them recently. Is this still going on for you?

We’ve been tracking a lot of teleport errors this week:

The “Unknown error” and “Unknown exception” errors started appearing around the same time as this issue began being reported, so maybe they are related?

We’re still getting this error today, and one of my teammates just confirmed he still freezes loading into maps on his Macbook Pro @AtomicOperation

still ongoing

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I use a Mac, and this is still happening for me.

EDIT - Whenever I go into a new slot, I don’t even spawn on the map, and I fall into the void and freeze.

We currently have this reproducing 100% of the time on iOS. Every time you get past the menu screen and teleport into a place your screen freezes for a good 2-3 minutes. This also consistently happens roughly 5 seconds after you reset your character (and gui).

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We have confirmed the issue to be caused by the Automatic Text Capture feature. As soon as we disabled it in the Configure Localization tab and shutdown all our servers, our mobile client stopped freezing.


Thanks for reporting! We are actively looking into this.

I recently tried enabling Automatic Text Capture for Fart Attack and it causes the majority of phone and tablet users to freeze and crash immediately after loading into the game. Not sure if this is still something being looked into but didn’t want to make a new post since I found this one so hopefully its cool to bump this thread. The same problem does not happen when I enabled it for Pet Island so I’m not sure what the difference is but right when I turned it back off for Fart Attack players stopped crashing on mobile devices. Thanks!