Automatic Translations for Experience Titles & Descriptions

Hi Developers!

As you know, Roblox is a global platform which is why we always look for ways to make experiences more accessible to international audiences. That’s why in the next few weeks, experiences that are missing translations in their title or description will have Roblox-provided translations for all players!

Before & After Roblox-provided translations

A few weeks ago, the Translation team launched an experiment in which a small percentage of players were shown Roblox-generated translations for the title and description of experiences when developer-supplied translations were absent. The experiment showed that displaying this information automatically resulted in a higher click-through rate and increased number of plays. Based on these results, we plan to roll out this improvement to all experiences.

Please note:

  • This will not replace your manually-added translations.

  • If you wish to opt out of displaying automatic translations, you can turn them off in your experience’s Localization settings.

  • Users have the ability to revert back to the original text by clicking Translate to original language Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 3.37.14 PM at the end of the description. This prompt will be displayed in their native language.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Creator Translator Team


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Roblox is a global platform which is why we always look for ways to make experiences more accessible to international audiences

While I appreciate that roblox is taking steps to improve this, there are so many long standing localisation issues which makes localisation feel like a neglected part of the platform compared to something roblox is always looking to improve.

Id rather roblox focused on fixing up localisation tools that have been broken for years before investing into new areas.


There are lots of experiences on Roblox whose name consists of non-existent words. It surely may impact the Automatic Translation’s decision as to what put in the title, and the name will be different for each language.


That’s a really cool experiment, but just how much of an increase happened, and how accurate did it become since the last time it was “updated”. I’d also like to ask that around how big were the games that were in this experiment.

I’d really appreciate some detailed information, to see just how good it was.


Nice Update but why no Arabic =(


I am a little concerned about my game being retitled to something nonsense in another language, I have no way to verify correctness across N different languages without a lot of connections.

I would like to know what kind of an improvement Roblox saw with auto translated titles so I can decide how to prioritize verifying the correctness of my translations versus simply turning them off in uncertain cases.


This could be a cool feature, but I think we need a chat translation too. This could be really usefull, we can make new friends… Roblox need to upgrade their traduction system, for example make roblox employee help roblox for traduction.

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It sounds like a great update!

Are there any plans to include RTL languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, etc…?

It’s really good that Roblox values their global players and wants to make Roblox better for them. However, it’s a fact: I have been providing professional Turkish - English translation/localization services on Roblox for about 4 years. The AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION [MACHINE TRANSLATION] system that Roblox has been working on is unfortunately a piece of crap for a language like Turkish.

As a Turkish translator, I checked the translated strings of popular Roblox experiences with automatic translations applied and the situation is deplorable. I’m talking about a system that translates “Victory!” into Turkish as “Feast!”. Since the Automatic Translation system have been published I have repeatedly reported its failures in the Turkish language, but nothing has changed and it seems to be getting worse.

Turkish is a suffixed language and it is very difficult for machine translations to understand the language. Turkish users on Roblox have become unable to understand even their native language. Many Turkish content creators and players have set their Roblox original language to English (To avoid being subjected to a machine translation that destroys their native language) Because of these situations, they have to play the Roblox experiences that we MANUALLY translate into Turkish in English because THEY ARE NOT aware of them.

Please don’t do this injustice to me and many other native translators and make the automatic translation system MORE UNDERSTANDABLE :pray:


Hey @LuaBearyGood! Thank you for voicing your concerns. We absolutely hear you and agree that there is still a lot to be done with localization. Our team is hard at work on some key updates which we are excited to share in the future! This includes better text scraping capabilities and improvements to the Translator Portal. If you have any specific suggestions for us, please feel free to shoot me a message!


Looks cool how does translate work (for example:) pls in pls donate would it be like p.l.s but in the other language or would it detect please and write please?


As you can see, the language fully is supported for the website.

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I really appreciate the fact that there is a button to show details in the original language. Same about the in-game language switcher.

Even though the automatic translations still are far from perfect, they aren’t as problematic anymore as players can switch languages if they understand the original language well enough.

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It’s been years since game titles we’re sentences. It’s one thing to translate “Slide 1,000,000 feet towards winners”, but today most developers choose to create an IP, which usually implies a made up word for your game. There are a few notable exceptions on the front page, but most titles could still be lost in translation.

This should really be an opt-in, not an opt-out (like a lot of Roblox features) but the development team over at Roblox seems to not really care about how their features are rated, instead opting for pretty much forcing us to accept them (see opt-in Team Create)


I hope about translation automatic is good for feature language, and i think might something more features about english or more and have improvement in roblox could be useful, and needing to translations system to help making roblox about traduction, now noticed for hard team work for experience titles and descriptions.

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The title and description of my game were once automatically translated long time ago. However, after a game update which updated both the title and description, the automatic translation did not update. Therefore I cleared it and they are never auto translated again. I hope this has been fixed.

This is also very true. The cloud localization plugin has been broken for nearly 2 months for now, when is it getting a fix, or at least a follow-up?

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add auto translation for arabic

also i believe it’s a good update, I like everything except that you can’t auto translate arabic in any way


This could be a great update to help some players, even if sometimes the translation is not perfect

At the moment its only for the game page’s

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