Automatic Translations taking a lot

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    I would like to have all the translations faster

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    The translations have been stuck at the same percentual for 2 days already.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    Searched around, found nothing

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I am a translator but I find these automatic translations unreliable. There would be instances, for projects I worked for for other languages would be automatically translated to over 100%

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I’d prefer the old one better.

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Automatic translation is not that good anyway.

  • misunderstanding text, words, sentence
  • translating into the wrong word
  • translating names, usernames etc…

And a lot of other problems, I’m too lazy to make the whole list

Sometimes i like to play without translation because when it is auto translated some sentence just lose all of their logic and meaning

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oh that’s sad, thanks for telling me

You should keep auto translating but I suggest you to translate manually if it is possible for you or if you know anyone who speaks another language

Hey are you hiring I’d like to work one language Viet

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