Automatically change Graphics Quality based on device capability

This is something where it isn’t that big of a deal but it bothers me that everything looks the same regardless of if you’re on an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 7 (Example Devices). The newest mobile devices are very capable of handling higher graphics, but the mobile app does not take advantage of that capability. I honestly think that the graphics quality should scale based on device performance and capability instead of setting them all as low as possible, or at least let us choose our quality like on a computer.


@zeuxcg just finished doing some black magic and getting roblox working for Metal or something. Maybe he can elaborate?

How would you determine device capability though? There’s a vast amount of devices ROBLOX can play on with wildly different performance specifications.

I don’t know exactly but there are a few options:

  • Run a quick performance capability test during the first startup of the app and keep that data for the rest of time to determine quality.

  • Define certain devices beforehand (Just big name phones like iPhone, Galaxy, etc.) and keep the rest the same.

  • Loop through all the different quality options (Like the 1-10 on PC) in the background during startup and use the best one that still gives above x (60, 45, 30, etc.) framerate.

There are probably more options but these are the three I came up with on the spot.

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We scale graphics quality with game performance on mobile as it is.

One thing that we don’t currently enable on iOS devices on high quality levels is various depth-based effects like sun rays and water reflections - this is more of a bug in the code than a desired behavior and it will be fixed soon.

I’d also love the quality to be manually overrideable on mobile but I’m not the person who decides the active UI features…


“Soon TM” or just “soon”?

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Render resolution on Android is permanently set to “very low” regardless of the phone’s capabilities. It would be nice if it adapted to the hardware as well.