Automatically Displays as Logged Off When Visiting Group from Game

Whenever you visit a group from a game, the app displays the group as someone who is logged off rather than you as an owner/member. The device I’m using is an iPad Pro 10.5’

Where the bug happens: Whenever you click on a group from a game

When it started happening: 2019? I don’t know, it’s been going on longer than I’ve been a DevForum member.


I own the group and can check it as an owner from the website:

Reproduction steps:

  1. Go to any game that is made by a group
  2. Click on the developer of the game (must be a group game, not a user’s place). You will notice it displays as someone who is logged off and you can tell by the page switching to light theme if you have dark theme and doesn’t show you in the group if you are in it.