Automatically grant permission to models? (Whitelisting)

A few days ago I made a new feature in my game where people can make their own maps in Roblox Studio with a map kit, then when they uploaded it they can whitelist their map model ID.
However I always have to re-upload the models in order for people to play their own maps. Whenever I tried loading their map ID’s with :LoadAsset() it didn’t work and I got an error message that ‘Asset is not trusted for this place’.

Even though there is another game that I know where this actually DOES work.
People enter their map ID’s and they instantly get added and they can load their maps. How is this possible? Since the game must’ve somehow got permission to insert other people’s models by ID?

The first thing that I thought was possible is to automatically add that model to your account inventory, because I heard that If you have other people’s models in your inventory, the game CAN load the assets. I tried it myself by getting a free model and tried inserting it but for some reason still failed. That other game is owned by an account and mine is by group, If that might has something to do with it.

Any help appreciated!

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Yeah if I am not wrong, the Model must be claimed by the Game owner. So if its a group game, it must be a group assets etc.

Groups don’t have inventories like player though?

Yeah thats the problem. You need to upload the asset yourself unfortunately.

So not any possible way for myself to own the asset for it to work?