Automatically place poorly rated (popular) games under review

In order to combat clickbait games, Roblox should automatically place games under review if they have more than a certain amount of people playing and a certain ratio of likes/dislikes.

I have read some threads here before about how this may encourage botting of dislikes, but I doubt this would work if the ratio required for auto review was low (e.g <40%)

The top game on the games page right now has a rating of just over 20%

Slightly further down is another game with well under 40% approval:

In this case, these games are fairly harmless clickbait but should still be reviewed and taken down if they are misleading.
More usefully, a low rated game could flag that the game is inappropriate in some way and automatically putting it under review seems like a sensible idea.


I’m iffy on this because what’s to stop bad actors from mass downvoting games with bots/alts. I think the sort algorithm should hide the game if it detects frequent name and icon changes.


If the game is flagged for review but not automatically shut down, that shouldn’t be an issue.


The ride downa volcano game isn’t clickbait though is it? It’s just a crappy game lol.

It’s bait & switch – not just a crappy game.

The first game was called “Parkour” and was using Minecraft thumbnails when I saw it last night. Reported it, but still no action taken against it. There definitely needs to be a much quicker response to these games whenever they pop up, because they usually stay up for days at a time.


I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume moderation is done chronologically. It would be nice if reports for assets/games that reached more users received priority in the moderation queue. If this is already the case, something is seriously wrong.

How does the chat filter work out for you?
Now you want roblox to design an auto review filter?!


Should be <50% with at least >100 votes (likes/dislikes)

I don’t think it should automatically be put under review but should flag the mods so someone can take a look.

I’m with you, here. Automated systems are a recipe for disaster, esp. for something which requires as little attention as curating clickbait on the front page.

These games are low-effort, but they’re not clickbait. And here’s an unpopular opinion: the volcano one was fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

They changed the thumbnail/description a number of times, so if you got into an old server you’ll likely be playing a completely different game, and they also claimed to give “Mega VIP” for subscribers on youtube.

It was both clickbait, and a scam.


roblox’s chat filter is using a neural network

I would make it a little more extreme than that. 500-2000 votes. With a ratio of 35% or lower.

Really? That’s amazing if that is the case.