Automatically unlist topics hidden by the community flags

Maybe auto locking after a reply cap is reached could be a good option since this got flagged and it has over 100 replies.

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There is already a similar thread suggesting this. Personally, I don’t like the idea of locking the post because sometimes (pretty weird but could happen) the flags may be wrong. Unlisting them allows topics to continue being discussed without filling the sorts with spam.

Gonna resurrect this thread because there have been an influx of posts that get flagged almost immediately, yet say listed for hours before a moderator locks and un-lists them. I can’t really think of a reason why posts that are flagged by the community should stay listed unless a moderator decides a specific post was falsely-flagged.




FLAGGING a topic as off-topic at the moment almost has no effect. The topic almost always never gets deleted, it stays on the front-page, it keeps getting new replies, and it keeps getting worse and worse. DD would not be what it is now a days if this was a thing.

Another thing, these off-topic posts in DD, are almost always bumped further by people replying and saying ‘this is not on the right category’. PLEASE DON’T REPLY TO THESE TOPICS. PLEASE.