Automatic/Artificial Shutdown Script

Basically, I’ve been trying to figure out how you can make an automatic shutdown script that uses soft shutdown as a part of it. The idea is that you want your game to either update or refresh at a specific time of day without losing players. For example, you announced that there will be a big update at x time of day, but you won’t be available to shut it down at that time for whatever reason. I’d like to point out that I’m not specifically looking for a solution that uses the soft shutdown script, as that may not even be possible as far as I know.

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I used the free model: Soft Shutdown and I looked into it. it showed that it actually uses reserved servers which is just vip servers with no creator id or server link and you can use reserveserver function with teleport service.
This might help out Reserved servers - a few questions
sorry if it didnt embed this is my first time trying it


I think this might be possible by using noblox.js

So first setup a bot using noblox.js(make sure it has game editing perms) and then make the bot go to the game page. Then, get the edit button id using getElementById and click it to choose Shutdown All Servers

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When you complete your update version update the game and create a script that uses the function os to check the real life time and when it reaches the time you want, the script will teleports everyone in a private server so all the game’s servers will be empty and the update will be on and after a few seconds it teleports everyone back.

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Thanks for the help, these are all possible solutions but I’d also like to know if it’s possible to schedule the exact publication date for the update as well, is that possible? (If a new server is created it gets the update before scheduled time)

Mhh, as I know you cannot make a programmed update data only using LUA, problably you need what @TheBrainy06 said for that.

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