AutomaticSize seems to no longer respect UISizeConstraint rules in some cases

This issue is pretty important for a game that I work on, because it affects UI that first-time players see whenever they join the game, leaving a bad first impression.

All of this used to work fine - this is older UI that previously had no issues. I’m not sure exactly when this started because we only just noticed it with this specific frame, but I have noticed similar issues with another frame and I believe the timing goes back multiple weeks.

In the GIF below, parts of the UI is not respecting the UISizeConstraint rules. But then I move the UISizeConstraint into another frame, then move it back to where it was in the first place, and suddenly the UI looks exactly how it’s meant to.

The UI in the gif below is after doing the steps above. But now that the frame is working exactly how we want it, I then simply copy and paste the frame back into the screen gui. It’s suddenly messed up again despite no changes being made.

Expected behavior

It should behave as it did in the past, or at the very least not appear to be working fine only to suddenly break again once copying and pasting the UI back in - that makes debugging and trying to work around the issue pretty frustrating.

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Found a weird workaround.


Seems that just setting the size to 100% scale on the X axis just once, then immediately reverting back to 0 (for AutomaticSize) causes it to remain “fixed”.

Hi @Scriptos , do you happen to remember since when have you noticed this issue occurring?

We’ve only officially caught it with the tutorial UI today, but I noticed it with some similar UI (also automatic size + size constraints) at the very least a week ago.

Unfortunately the affected UI are ones that we hardly ever see (having already played multiple times) so it’s very difficult to narrow down the time frame… it could be anywhere from months to weeks. I just know it wasn’t always like this. I wish I could narrow it down more. :frowning:

Glad that you were able to find a workaround. I think this is a known issue in our backlog. Let me update the old ticket with this post. Also I found another possibly related issue - GuiObject.AutomaticSize does not respect UISizeConstraint

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