Automation for Right To Erasure actions

My inbox is packed with Right to Erasure requests. DMing the developer of a game might be a convenient fire-and-forget solution for Roblox, but it places an undue burden on developers to do a tedious task or face unknown legal consequences. The theoretical workflow is to scrape the userid(s) from each individual erasure message and manually run code to edit the game’s data stores - a tedious and time consuming task. It also can’t really be delegated without giving another person access to the recipient developer’s personal account.

Screenshot - Today's Inbox

As I understand it, the only need for a developer in this process is to supply a cleanup function that can query and erase all of the potential ways a player’s id may be stored within their own game. If I am capable of supplying such a function, I should be able to do that to stop the flood of messages.

If there isn’t enough support or precedent for that, an intermediate solution would be some sort of database which contains the userids pending erasure and ideally a Roblox-made plugin/tool that can access said database and run our custom erasure function.

Thank you for the consideration.


Roblox engineers are actively investigating possible ways to solve this issue with automation. There was a post on this a few months ago confirming that, using the new DataStore userId parameter, you will be able to use the Creator Dashboard to remove the data by simply confirming its removal. It may be a little tedious to manually confirm the deletions still, but it is a lot better than the current situation. :slight_smile: Who knows, they may even add a permission to allow other people to handle the requests for you.


Sorry to bump an old thread. Please find reference to a new update we added with creator notifications: Sending notifications through Webhooks for GDPR requests. This is the first step we have taken towards helping you automate the process. Stay tuned for more updates on this.


Will setting up the webhook stop the inbox messages?

It does not. So now you can get spammed in multiple places at once! :upside_down_face:

We will remove notification from being sent across to your player Inbox later this year. Stay tuned.


I assume this would only be the case if they configured a webhook?