Automation ~ loading screen progress

I finally finished the loading screen/intro for Automation:

(Sorry Roblox’s recording software is SO LAGGY! I wanted to have the intro full screen so I couldn’t use OBS)

Huge thanks to @ParkCityUSA for volunteering to test!


This is one of the best animations I have seen on Roblox. Very well done!

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I can’t tell if your intro is that choppy and laggy or if your recorder is making it like that.

Otherwise it’s amazing!

I used Roblox’s integrated recorder which is EXTREMELY laggy. Tell me if you want an OBS studio version!

Looks nice! Hopefully you can get some sounds incorporated into your intro if there isn’t already.

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not bad however one thing i would change is maybe make the word “Automation” should like flicker on instead of it just appearing from the side.


Okay I will work on that! Thanks for your input!

Thanks for including me :grin:! Just dm me if you want me to test something!

Please note I have a tight schedule, late afternoon is best

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Sure thing! I am almost done with the first (non-test) map and I will DM you (I understand the tight schedule thanks for letting me know)!

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