Automation ~ lobby progress

This is the hall leading to the map voting room

Here is the interior (I am not quite done yet) of the map vote room.

What do you think?


now thats truly goatedness at its finest goatedness

great work as always you goat :goat:

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Most of the game is going to take place in space. Do you think the blue neon theme is fitting? (goats :goat:)

I think neon in any space kind of area is very fitting great work my guy :dizzy: :dizzy:

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dark is cool and all, but dark doesn’t mean dark. you cant just leave blank walls add detail its not enough to judge.

Like I said I am not quite finished with the interior I hope to add little spider robots I have deemed quadwiddles (@IProgramForFun I wonder what this is referencing lol) . Thanks for the feedback.

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Maybe some posters with neon outlines. To fit with the theme.


Yeah. I will use fanart (If I ever get any :grimacing:).