AutoRotate jitters with a Cameraoffset


If you give yourself a camera offset for example, 0, 0), and then shiftlock and look around your character jitters.

Video credit: subtotalant8185

Expected behavior

It should be smooth like how it is when you have no camera offset


I noticed this starting around 2-3 days ago but it could have started up to a week ago.


CAMERAREPRO.rbxl (43.9 KB)

Shift lock and move ur camera. Then click the button that I made that changes ur camera offset and shift lock and move your camera and you’ll see it jitter.

I’ve always thought that this was intentional.

I noticed there was no repro file. I will provide one:
unsmoothOTSCamera.rbxl (37.7 KB)

Here’s a video of the issue:
robloxapp-20230417-2357418.wmv (1.5 MB)

Thanks for the report! Could you update your post to follow these guidelines, please? How to post a Bug Report

Updated it!


edited the repro to 2,0,0 so its more noticable

bumping this bug!!!