AutoSave Causes The TeamCreate To Disconnect Every Time

My co-developers and I use TeamCreate to keep our progress in sync. We work on a massive game that is nearly 2 GB in size. However, ever since Roblox released autosaving for TeamCreate sessions, we have been having very annoying and frustrating disconnection problems:

From my client.

From my co-developer, Coasterteam, client.

This disconnection problem happens 90% of the time when it autosaves. Sometimes, we even lose progress because our data gets wiped from the past 5 or 10 minutes the session had since the disconnection. Scripts are a perfect example of data loss when this happens, even after committing the drafts.

To us, the TeamCreate autosave feature was a terrible idea unless there is a way to disable it.


auto-save is happening every 5 minutes, does it mean that you get disconnected every 5 minutes?
could you please provide Studio log file from the latest session that disconnected on auto-save, thanks

Pretty much, yes. The client freezes up when it autosaves (sometimes the progress bar on the bottom works, sometimes it doesn’t), and then after about 60 seconds of lockup, it shows the dialog boxes above.

Ironically enough, I’m in the same TC and it did it again:

Where can I find the Studio log files?

you need to close Studio to get current log

Do the logs contain sensitive information such as IP addresses or other data? I would like to DM you the logs privately if they do.

some information is sensitive… so please feel free to DM

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Does everyone on your team experience the same issue with the same frequency?

Yes. AFAIK, @Coasterteam and @ivan0 both experienced similar disconnection issues in the same TeamCreate session, but not at the same time.

I also have this issue on 2 of my TCs. Both are big games as well.

Yes, it’s been really annoying, full of disconnection issues, always, on teamcreate, pretty annoying, and sometimes, scripts or builds doens’t save… :frowning:

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unfortunately logs you’ve provided are not from TeamCreate session… do you have other logs in that folder?

I will check. I might just make it a zip so all of them are included.

EDIT: ZIP folders aren’t supported on the Dev Forum.

Below is a screenshot of some of the logs. I don’t know which ones are TeamCreate sessions.

Would it help if we sent you our logs too if we are having the issue.

Yes, please send whatever you have

We have instructions on how to send files:

You will need to upload any zip files to Google Drive/etc.

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This is still happening.

I just lose connection; don’t think this is related to autosave.


Definitely not related to autosaves. My entire development team just disconnected in team create at the same time.

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I have been in a teamcreate all morning without any issues. Until about thirty minutes ago my development team started getting disconnected from studio at the same time about every five minutes or so.