Autosaves broken?

(My last autosave was 6/10. Today is 8/21. That is my autosave directory. Autosave is enabled. Autosaves broken?)

Seriously this has always been broken for me, says it autosaves every 5 minutes in the output (which, by the way, FREEZES studio for like 5 seconds -_-) Now I gotta remake lost work… (what autosaves are for) Is this just me? Every 5 minutes means a new file in my Autosaves folder, shouldn’t it? That’s what I expect from it. Is it broken?

The habit of pressing save manually often didn’t prevent this work loss, what happened is I accidentally deleted a GUI, saved, then close window (when I should’ve just saved and close. It happened in 2 seconds, it happens sometimes.)

That happened to me once. Undo history should also be saved to the place file.

Oh I don’t know if a lot of people know, but auto save was moved to a new folder called Recent Saves, and it overrides your previous save so it doesn’t get clogged with auto saves. :slight_smile:

You may have moved it and forgot that you did as well. Your studio settings will show you where it autosaves to: