Autoscaling Script

Hey. My name is DivScript.

I was creating a UI and I now I have checked lol, it get stretched. Right Div. So, can anyone script me a autoscaling script for a UI that like scaling it on all devices to the same like Scale without stretching the images. So like scalling x and y by the same amount…

I hope you can understand what I mean!

You need to use Scale and not Offset from Size.

Read more about it here.

Yes. When I use Scale it stretchs my Images too. And that I dont want to. Better would be a script that only scales x and y.

You should consider using AspectRatios. There are plugins that do this automatically.

There are plugins that automatically make your size to scale.

Make sure you have only scale and not offset too.

When I use the plugin and putting the aspectratio into my UI it still stretchs… :frowning: So the images.

Make sure it is both scaled and has an AspectRatio in it.

Before adding the AspectRatio, make sure the image is in a perfect scale, and is not stretched.

Alright so. I have used the Plugin and putted the AspectRatio into every object of my UI. So the in the Frames where everything is following. Now it looks a bit better but it’s still not perfect:

It should look like:

And when I click play there comes a Blue Frame. Everything okay until there but the Frame is just so big like the half of my screen.