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Hello, everyone!

This is a small little plugin that I’ve been working on for the past 2 hours, so expect some bugs.

I’m pretty confident you all know those models where you need to drag things in their specific location. To say the least, that’s a little bit of a waste of time. Especially if you end up not using it, or they expect you to ungroup folders…

Anyway, I have made a plugin that detects those models, and asks you if you wish to ungroup them. It does this instantaneously, and ungroups almost everything. HOWEVER, do not expect it to ungroup or detect instructions in scripts, and so on.

I would attach a video example, but I can’t find where my screen recording saved…

AutoUngroup (version 0.1) | Plugin | Source Code (Model)

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post ur source code on github. Also ctrl + U exists so I dont see a point

Looking through your source code, you could definitely optimize the insert model function. Don’t hardcode every possibility & make sure to remove redundant statements.

I seem to do that a lot, I find it’s faster for me to hardcode than to think of a solution.

(Sorry for the late reply)