AutoWeld Plugin

This plugin is my first ever created plugin after I learning the plugin’s basic. And I decided to make a plugin that help me to weld models and parts easily.

To weld parts and models more easily

Showcase & How to use
A. Weld Parts

1.Open weld parts window
2.Select two parts (C0 & C1) you want to weld using ctrl key
3.Click weld button on the weld parts window

B. Weld Model

1.Open weld models window
2.Select a part (C0) and a model (C1) you want to weld using ctrl key
3.Click weld button on the weld models window.

(part can be a children of model or another basepart)

Download plugin here

This is my first time to make a plugin, if you find any bugs,errors or if you want to give some suggestions, you can leave it at the comment session below. Hope you enjoy the plugin,thank you! :slight_smile:

I just thought that the name “AutoWeld” is not that good.
Any suggestions of the name of the plugin?


This is so freaking helpful man! Thank you!


How about “Weld Studio 2020”
(Your plugin is amazing) :facepunch:

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This is extremely helpful, and absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work! Thank you so much for this plugin.

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Doesnt work for me… when i use weld group, i select all my parts, and it says is outpput “please select right part”.

Really good plugin! It helped me a ton on my game, I always get so confused trying to weld parts for a tool. :rofl: