| Available | Low / mid poly builder for hire!

About Me

Hey there, I’m a low poly / medium poly builder who really enjoys to build and model on Roblox Studio and blender. I have been building using the two engines mentioned previously for around 3 months now and have recently started doing a few commissions and I am looking to do many more!


Here are a few examples of work I have completed either through commissions or on my own time for fun.

Star Wars builds

Smaller assets

Low poly medieval map

Pheonix-Do Dojo

Mid poly school map

Unfinished models


  • Weekends: I am available around 1-3 hours per day (not before 10:00am)

  • Week days: I am available only after school/work hours (5:30pm - 10:00pm)

My local timezone: EST standard time


  • Houses and small builds of the sort: 300-500 R$ :robux_gold:

  • Maps like the school: 1000-3000 R$ :robux_gold:

  • Interior design like the dojo: 400-800 R$ :robux_gold:

  • Small assets or models like the well and the table set: 50-200 R$ :robux_gold:

I accept Robux payment only. This can only be done through game-pass because of the new Roblox update for group payouts(In this payment method, the 30% tax must be covered)

If throughout the build, you continue to add things that you want built, the price will have to be discussed again depending on how long this will take.

Prices are very negotiable depending on complexity of the build and the time required to complete it.


If you are interested and my status is AVAILABLE you can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Simumaster #9492.

If my status is UNAVAILABLE, feel free to bookmark post for another time :+1:

I am currently only taking 2 commissions at a time

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


very good builds! you are going to become a very successful builder!