Avantus Member Rights & Privileges



Member Rights and Privileges

The High Command recognizes this to be the systematic hierarchy of the clan:

  • Conscript - Entry rank, not an official member of Avantus.
  • Guard to Operative - Low Rank
  • Scout to Knight - Middle Rank
  • Marksman to Admiral - Officer Rank
  • Council to Grand Commandant - High Council Rank
  • Commander - Leader of the clan.

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Each rank listed above is given the same rights and provileges as the ranks below them. Those ranked Officer and above carry authoirty over ranks below them.

Each Avantus member is able to:

  • Earn points for participating in events, defending or doing tasks given to them by a rank of authority.
  • Participate in a Avantus related event or Discord chat without discrimination.
  • Earn promotions and be punished without bias.
  • Request to be put at a lower rank for any reason.
  • Not be punished more than once for the same reason.
  • Petition to the High Council to bring about any changes they deem fit.

Guard to Vanguard have the right to

  • Apply for any official division unless otherwise stated in that division’s guide.

Knights have the right to

  • Request to co-host an event with an Officer
  • Join the Officer Academy

Officers have the right to

  • Host and shout their own trainings without supervision.
  • Be a non-administrative member of any department or division
  • Award Points to members
  • Participate in Officer Meetings hosted by the High Council
  • Punishments to members of that go against the Code of Conduct or Roblox Terms of Service.

Council have the right to

  • Vote in High Council votes.
  • Express their opinion at meetings
  • Punish members
  • Be a member of unlimited departments

Grand Commandants have the right to

  • Override any decision made by a lower rank regardless of the position ot title they hold in the area concered
  • Ensure productivity of divisions and manage divisions above the divisions overseer
  • Oversee and direct the work of department directors and division leaders
  • Veto any vote from being passed, regardless of percentage of approval
  • Issue orders to Officers and Council that may only be overridden by the Commander

If the case of disagreement between ranks of the same authority, they are required to refer to the opinion of a rank of higher authority.

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