Avatar Access Revoked

This is a support category for asking questions about how to get something done on the Roblox websites or how to do something on Roblox applications such as Roblox Studio.

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. I want start the a ugc project Keep it simple and clear!

  2. i got moderated and banned for every things i publish but i need to know if in every ugc i publish there is the same problem or just i am the unlucky roblox user on this platform

  3. I tried to get help from the support but i think there no human behind and just bots respond to me (i got the same message around 6 time)

So Maybe someone can help me or a roblox administrator but i need to clear this problem if i want to continue upload ugcs !


I’m not really sure from the ban message. Perhaps you have been uploading these UGC too quick or something? (Quite unlikely.)

You can try to appeal on the Report Appeals page once you get unbanned to see if that gets you anywhere.

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yeah i don’t really know if they banned me cause i upload two time the accessorie to fixe a placement bug or if its the description the problem


They don’t want to help me… they have rejected my demand 3 times with this message : Our moderation team has completed its review. This article still violates the Roblox Community Standards.

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Yeah I do wish the moderation team actually focused on helping players. I created a trailer for a simple project me and my friend made and they took it down, as I went to appeal, I asked in my email about what they found to be not following the TOS and they just wouldn’t respond.

Yeah its terrible we need some help from the roblox moderation and i thing the support is not supported by humans i think the support is drived by bots and IA


What exactly are you trying to upload? is it a 2D clothing item or 3D? would you be able to share a picture of the item that was moderated

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Its a hat removed for Spam from the bot