Avatar Accessories Breaking Rigs

This has been happening to me in Roblox Studio a lot recently. It’s a bug involving avatar accessories breaking rigs for unknown reasons.

I am able to troubleshoot the bug temporarily, though it just reverts back whenever I do any further work on it.


If anyone has any bug fixes or solutions, please let me know. Thanks in advance!


Are you using Accessory? If so, try changing some of the grip properties. If not, your method might be deprecated, and you need to switch over to Accessory.

Sorry for the late response,

Yes, all of these are accessories. I used a plugin to import them from the catalog. When I logged on to studio today, they were all normal, but whenever I cut and paste or modify them, they go back to their initial, glitched state.

Does running the game have any affect?

Running the game fixes them.
When I copy and paste them from the running game, they fix but then revert back to their glitched state.
Apparently they only fix when the game is running.