Avatar Bundles Upload / Moderation Appears To Be Broken

I uploaded an avatar bundle about two hours ago and its still pending. Normally I would chalk this up to moderation taking a little longer than usual, but when I asked other creators they seem to have the same issue with bundles that have been pending for several days.

Mine (ID 380272 ):

TankMechanic has two, one from the 23rd:

BenereV2 has 4 all pending from yesterday:

It feels like there is a bug involved here. It could just be moderation being overwhelmed, but if that is the case then it can’t hurt to report this. If it is actually a bug though, this should be addressed asap.

Not being able to post my bundles this weekend is going to hurt my revenue. Would appreciate figuring out whats up.

Thanks for looking into this!

PS: If you’re a creator who has had a bundle pending for some time now, please add your screenshots to this thread :slight_smile:


I havent been affected by this but i came here to say that there is a few ugc creators that have messaged me asking why their bundle hasn’t gone through yet after days of uploading


Looks like mine was approved this morning. So it may have just been slow moderation.

That said, since one of the primary sorts people use is “recently created” and “recently created” is based on upload date, slow approval times force me to reupload the bundle.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

This has been happening to me and friends too. At random our heads/hats take 1 day to approve instead of the usual wait times.

For my specific case my dynamic head has been pending for more than 3 hours now.
ID is 382235

Thank you for the report. We try to get a moderation decision as fast as we can, but occasionally do take longer.

We checked these reported items and they all have a received a response - we are continuing to track any breaks in our pipeline.

Will close this specific issue as by design.


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