Avatar Catalog Request - Free Items need to be separated from Priced Items - Please Read

As a UGC creator who intends to continue producing avatars for the Roblox catalog, I kindly request the establishment of a distinct category for paid avatars, distinct from the free ones. I believe this would be advantageous not only for me but also for any creator aiming to generate income from crafting avatar content. While having free avatars available on the market is undoubtedly beneficial for users, it does, unfortunately, exert an adverse influence on the avatar market and its economy as a whole.

I propose that the relevance page predominantly showcase paid items rather than free ones. Adjusting the algorithm to favor paid items would yield positive outcomes for those of us who offer our avatars at a price point. This is because free avatars, regardless of whether they are purchased by the audience, bear no impact on the creators since they receive zero Robux in return.

I appreciate the individual who rephrased my thoughts, as my own ability to articulate ideas has been compromised due to a severe lack of sleep. Essentially, the points I wanted to convey have all been covered.


I hope this message finds you well. As a future UGC creator on the Roblox platform, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible opportunities the platform has provided to creators like myself. The ability to craft unique avatars and items has not only fueled our passion but also given us a platform to potentially earn from our creations.

I would like to propose an idea that I believe could significantly benefit not only myself but also fellow creators who aim to generate income through avatar content. My suggestion is to introduce a separate category for paid avatars within the Roblox catalog, distinct from the existing free avatar offerings. This separation, I believe, could lead to a healthier and more sustainable avatar market and economy.

While the availability of free avatars is undoubtedly appealing to users, I’ve noticed an unfortunate side effect on the overall avatar market. The presence of numerous free and similar avatars tends to overshadow meticulously crafted paid avatars like the ones I create. This situation can be quite disheartening, as the hours of effort invested in developing premium avatars end up buried beneath a wave of freely accessible alternatives.


How could this be implemented in a way that benefits paid items? Simply suggesting more paid items is unlikely to drastically change the issue as users will seek out free items anyway hence why most free items are (most likely) “best-selling” causing this problem.


My friend and I don’t care about these creators who earn tons of robux. My friend actually wanted to leave playing Roblox with me after a year passed (I brought her back for a day) because she couldn’t find NORMAL free items that would make her avatar feel less “ugly.” and called Roblox’s catalog the stupid thing she could ever be seen. All the Roblox “free section” suggestions were so random, and limited/paid ugc items were mixed with free ones for no reason.

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I agree to some extent. But Roblox is currently stressing the idea of a “universal search bar” so I’d expect them to remove the sidebar altogether and search with “free” or “paid”.

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So I am not the only one, ROBLOX what’s going on uh?

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