Avatar Completely Freezes when Play-testing in Studio

Anyone know how to fix this?:

It’s been happening for a few weeks, but now it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even test my own games…

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Check to see if the player is Anchored while in test mode.
Check to see if a script is causing the player to freeze.
Is it only in this place, or have you tried testing in a different place with the same result?

I’ve been in studio a lot in the last couple of weeks and never had an issue.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling Studio to see if there’s a glitch on yours.

It may be a corrupted model or plugin that’s adding a script to your game that is causing the problem.

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  1. Checking it right now

  2. There is only 1 script but I don’t think this is the reason

  3. It is happening on all my games

  4. I have tried reinstalling studio, same thing happens

I really do not think why this is happening

update: the Player is anchored and still not fixed…

( Hopefully ) Last update: I went ahead and removed all of my plugins that require script injection, it hasn’t happened yet.

Sounds like the problem is a misleading plug-in. If you want to reinstall your plug-ins one at a time, you probably could identify the malware.

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It was a plug-in I had called Fluency Icons,which required script injection.

You should mark either my post or @LyokoMarty10101’s post as a Solution so others can be helped by your post.
lol If you don’t people will still trying to “solve” it with random comments in a year.

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My apologies, won’t happen in future threads. I always forget to do it.

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