Avatar Creator Plugin

Avatar Creator By xlo3D

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to introduce my new plugin, Avatar Creator, which I believe will be a game-changer for Roblox developers! The plugin makes creating characters for your game a breeze.

Avatar Creator features an intuitive inventory system that allows you to easily manage and access your assets within Roblox Studio. You can add your favorite items to a favorites list for quick access, and also keep track of your recently used items.

One of the best features of Avatar Creator is its integration with the Roblox catalog. You can now search the catalog and add assets directly to your game, without having to leave Roblox Studio or copy and paste asset IDs separately. This will save you a ton of time and effort!

In addition to the inventory and catalog integration, Avatar Creator also supports character color customization and both R6 and R15 character types. With these features, you can easily create and customize characters for your game, all within Roblox Studio.

Planned Features:

  • Saved Characters
  • Improved search speeds
  • Fixed Issues
  • Settings Page
  • Sub Category Type Search

Overall, I believe Avatar Creator will greatly improve the character creation process for Roblox developers, and I can't wait for you to try it out. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, and happy developing!

Get it here: https://create.roblox.com/marketplace/asset/13203771795/Avatar-Creator-by-xlo3D


This entire post was written by AI :skull:


Is that bad or it good plugin but I’m bit scare to use that plugin but is it safe to use it?

It is 100% safe, but you can wait until there’s more ratings if you want.

ah okay I’ll wait until there more ratings.

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One Question:

Do you use AvatarEditorService for this plugin?


No I currently don’t, if thats something that you think people would be interested in I’ll look into it.


then how do you get catalog items?

Quite a bit of API that is ran multiple times

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Once I add category searches I’ll make another post on how to use the plugin, currently if you want to add a specific assetId you already have you can do “ID=anassetid”(Not Caps Sensitive) inside the search bar and it will automatically insert it onto your character. With category searches my plan is to make another search filter, for example “Type=Shirt”.

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Uuhhh, it might ask for permissions to access the API (also people would be intrested in AvatarEditorService so you don’t need a proxy for catalog)


honestly didn’t even know it was a thing, even after research I’ll look into converting it. I may still need to use some API though for things such as filtering so a proxy may still be needed but AvatarEditorService may speed up the process of some things. ty for the feedback

looked into it a bit and it wouldn’t change much converting, API is still a reliability for this plugin since studio is limited on certain things like prompts. I will always be looking for workarounds to make the plugin more reliable.

This would be useful to me, it’s easy now to make cool NPCs using this! Idk if it costs robux

Edit: I have only 20 robux and I can’t afford this thing


Currently adding the category searches and then I’ll update it. Will have saving/loading characters in the update after so you can copy and paste NPCs or anything you would like in between games.

I click the plugin icon and nothing happens?

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Sorry about that, I tried doing it on my end and it works fine. Are you getting an error? if not I’ll look into possible solutions

is this a flex or what

no, everyone has access to AI I just find it funny

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No, which is unfortunately why I gave such a vague response b/c I also have no clue?

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