Avatar Design / Terms


I am working on a capture the flag game; there is a red team and a blue team.

I initially had a PNG image in one of my GUIs that I received a moderation message for, saying it broke the terms of service for avatar nudity. This certainly wasn’t intentional on my part – it was just supposed to be a minimalist/evergreen representation of a player Robloxian.

Currently, I have players loading in looking like the attached image. Is this considered avatar nudity? Will this be a problem for my game if I leave players looking like this? I honestly wasn’t even thinking about it… I just thought it was little dummy characters running around.

Just looking for some clarity… thanks in advance.


It’s because they aren’t wearing any clothing. Give them a natural skin tone with colored clothing.

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I’d say it should be allowed if they aren’t natural skin tones (especially with the 1.0 body style).

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if you’re really scared about it, you can just give it a natural skin tone with the colored clothing

I recommend that you add a t-shirt and pants dark red.