Avatar Evolution (Show off what you've made with it!)

Where do you get the material maps like those? Is there some website you use? Or did you make them


The wood planks and metal tiles I got from a website that offers PBR materials for download. The coin mesh is from Super Mario Odyssey (I will be archiving it because of this), I forget where I got the Majora’s Mask mesh (but there were no legal issues with me using it). The last is a rendition of the Door of Time from Ocarina of Time that I found on DeviantArt, and brought into Photoshop and generated a normal map for.


What was the website you use for the PBR materials?




Holy moly, is this even Roblox anymore? I’m so excited to see what you’ll be doing with these new updates!


Exactly. We can literally make our games feel like anything now.



Sorry for the spam guys, I just love playing around with this stuff lol


It’s not spam if it’s exactly what we’re all here for :heart_eyes:

Thank you for sharing!


I’m very interested, what software do you use for texturing and modeling? And also, beautiful work… Developers like you are the ones that will propel Roblox games to the future.


Was a nightmare to do this



Yessss I can’t wait for Roblox FPS games to start catching up to the rest of the industry with this.

You should give feedback on why it was a pain to do and how they can improve the workflow! It’s still beta!


Yeah I will. It’s exciting to work with now that there’s a workflow but it was a lot of working around bugs and having to guess what would make it work. Scale conversion required a specific number when exporting to fbx, leaf bones broke everything and had to be disabled after trial and error, and getting separate materials today was wayyy too hacky but possible.


Thanks! For modeling I use 3ds Max, Maya and ZBrush. All texturing is done with Substance Painter.


How hard would this be for a production level game? I’m waiting for this to release so I can test on a live build of studio.


Was the scaling any different from the usual FBX exporting/importing?


It would be useful for production, hiring animators etc if it didn’t feel so hacky to do. I might make a step-by-step because there’s a bunch of little details to the workflow that are pretty much impossible to figure or guess without knowing how to use blender


It seemed that the conversion from blender/roblox is off by a factor of 100 or else the bone positioning is wonky


The objective of this learning is to share some general knowledge while working with the next roblox studio, (Upcoming PBR updates and custom materials) and to show off what I have been able to do with PBR.

Keep in mind that this studio version doesnt implement the Latest Future is Bright in the engine, just ShadowMap.

My workflow was the next: Blender> Instant Meshes> Substance Painter> Studio

Objectives so far:

Making the basic shape of the Floor

(Adding Bevel Modifier)

Then Going to sculpt some quick shapes using Dyntopo on blender.

And then making the LowPoly Version of this mesh with InstantMesh, at this point the mesh its around 92k Triangles.

Now it is around 4k triangles, this process and low poly mesh will be used later to bake the HighResolution Mesh into the LowPoly one, adding all the detail from it to a 4k triangle Version.

From this point i stopped recording with pics the workflow but here is the general baking.

It is the same 4k triangle mesh but with the higherpoly mesh baked on it, then i added a material and some masks to make some quick and cool effects.

I then started painting some alphas on the squares that later will export as normal maps, all of this was done in 4k Resolution for the textures, that i would later export in 2k without losing too much resolution.

At this point you may have noticed i didnt made any UVMapping, thats because Substance Painter 2020 version does it automatically for you while importing your meshes, which saves a lot of time!

Importing to studio.

This is our mesh.

Applying Color Map does this

Applying normal map does a lot of the magic.

Applying Roughness puts the final things.

And that is it.

Quite unsure why i got this black lines at the border, they are not on the maps nor on the mesh itself.


How do you have such a large plane of terrain with decent resolution textures?

Decal max size is still 1024 * 1024 so I’m lost on how you did this, unless you stitched together several pieces? : o


I’m loving this beta build!
I’ve made some normalmaps I think look really nice, although I did cheat by adding dark and light areas with a texture…

The textures look like this, I tried imitating what the normal stud textures look like when lit up at midnight.